NewsFiretask 4.7 Introduces Support for Pomodoro® Technique

Firetask 4.7 integrates Francesco Cirillo's Pomodoro Technique into our Kanban GTD® task management app:

If you are into the Pomodoro time management technique you will love this new update -- simply switch on "Use Pomodoro Technique" in the Settings area.

NewsFiretask 4.6.9 for iOS Featuring New Widget

Firetask 4.6.9 introduces a brand new widget with a much improved "Today" visualization.


NewsFiretask 4.6.7 for Mac: Major Usability and Inline Editing Improvements

Firetask 4.6.7 provides major usability and inline editing improvements including:

Additionally, we added the ability to create link attachments via command tagging (using the "#URL" format, e.g. "#"). Please note that due to sandboxing, this approach does not work for file:// URLs.

NewsFiretask 4.6.6 for Mac: Introducing CSV Import & Export

Firetask 4.6.6 introduces import and export functionality for CSV files. Especially, migrating to Firetask from other task management apps becomes now a lot easier 😀.

NewsFiretask 4.6.5: Simplified Upcoming View & Improved Search

Firetask 4.6.5 comes with two important changes:

NewsFiretask 4.6.2: Additional Kanban, Dates Improvements and More

Firetask 4.6.2 builds on the user interface improvements introduced with Firetask 4.6, especially our new Kanban views:

Additionally, we did a lot of fine tuning, e.g. completed actions are now visualized in task details using the same grayish strike-through style as in inline action lists.

Let us know what you think!

NewsFiretask 4.6: Improved Inline Editing, New Kanban View Types & Much More

IMPORTANT: We made inline editing even more intuitive on the Mac. ENTER now either concludes editing, or inserts a new task depending on whether you are currently editing a task title. In order to start editing an existing selected task you use ⌘ENTER. Please note that this also means that we had to adjust the keyboard shortcuts for quickly adding notes, actions, or a due date: we suggest that you take a quick look at the changes in the "Tasks" menu :-).

Firetask 4.6 is a major update with more than 50 improvements including:

We also tweaked many small things and we really put tons of user feedback into this update -- we hope you like it a much as we do.

NewsFiretask 4.5.2 for Mac: Big Sur Improvements & Native Support for Apple Silicon / M1

Firetask 4.5.2 further improves the overall user experience on macOS 11 Big Sur -- especially when using Dark Mode. The new update is also our first version that runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs such as the new MacBook Air.

Additionally, we made the Archive much faster and more scalable. The only downside is that you cannot inline edit task titles and notes directly in the Archive anymore, but this should be a small price to pay.

Let us know what you think!


NewsFiretask 4.5: More Classical Kanban View, Much Improved Today View, and More

Firetask 4.5 represents a major update regarding our overall task management workflow -- mainly based on feedback of our current user base:

Additionally, we further improved usability and terminology in a number of areas. We are also making additional use of the new filterable choosers introduced in the previous update.

We hope you like these changes as much as we do -- looking forward to your feedback!

NewsFiretask 4.3: Keyboard Shortcuts and Filterable Choosers

Firetask 4.3 introduces keyboard shortcuts for often-used functionality such as adding new tasks (CMD+N) and search (CMD+F), as well as quick navigation on iPad: CMD+1 quick-navigates to the Inbox, CMD+4 to Today -- available for all views inside the first three main tabs and consistent to the Mac version.

Additionally, the new version introduces filterable choosers for projects, categories, and contributors/contacts that make it especially much easier to work with a large number of projects or contacts.

The update also includes a number of bug fixes and smaller improvements. Please note that app and brush icons in existing categories may flip after the update, as they were accidentally flipped earlier and this was the only way to correctly fix this issue.


NewsFiretask 4.2 for Mac: Support for Dark Mode and Much More

Firetask 4.2 provides a major user interface refresh with support for Dark Mode and much more:

Last but not least we made a number of other small usability improvements throughout the app -- we hope you like the new version!

NewsFiretask 4.1.3 for iOS and 4.1.5 for Mac Now With French Localization

Firetask 4.1.3 for iOS and 4.1.5 for Mac now include a French user interface localization.

NewsFiretask 4.1.2 for iOS Brings Command Tagging to iPhone and iPad

Besides improving overall usability and user interface consistency throughout the app, Firetask 4.1.2 also comes with a number of practical new features:

NewsNew Online Manual for Firetask Pro

We have replaced our online tutorial with a much more complete user manual. You can find it in the new "Manual" section on our website. Check it out and let us know what you think!


NewsFiretask 4.1.1 for iOS Features Major Accessibility Enhancements

Firetask 4.1.1 focuses on improving accessibility and more specifically, VoiceOver support in all areas of the app:

NewsFiretask 4.1 for iOS Now With Extended Support for Actions

Firetask 4.1 provides major improvements to working with actions including:

In addition, we improved the handling of long task titles in the task detail view via auto-shrinking text and more exact scrolling.

NewsFiretask 4.1 for Mac Now With Extended Support for Actions

Firetask 4.1 for Mac provides major improvements to working with actions including:

In addition, we added some other practical smaller features such as, e.g., the possibility to add notes and actions via the task list context menu.


NewsFiretask Pro Takes GTD® Task Management To New Levels for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Elemental Tools released Firetask Pro, the next generation of Firetask, the leading project-oriented GTD® task management app for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The new app provides tons of new features based on end user feedback including project portfolios, actions for subdividing tasks, iCloud syncing, a new iOS Today widget, and Apple Watch support. Firetask Pro is available immediately from the iTunes and Mac App Store.

NOTE: Firetask Pro is a new, completely rewritten app based on Apple's latest technology providing tons of new features and requires OS X 10.12 Sierra and iOS 10 respectively. We will continue to provide support for Firetask 3 and our previous cloud syncing until end of this year; on December 31, 2017 our own cloud-syncing will be discontinued in order to focus on Firetask Pro and iCloud syncing.

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