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Get done more with Kanban & GTD®. Firetask supports you continuously from capturing your thoughts and managing your personal to-dos, to organizing your projects and focusing on your most important tasks., Firetask uniquely combines Kanban & GTD to boost your productivity to a whole new level.

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InboxGetting It All Out Of Your Head

Free your mind for the important things in life and work by easily capturing everything in a single, trusted system.

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"I’ve been working with task management tools for over 20 years and tried a lot of available products. With Firetask I found the right solution for me. The system is beautifully designed. It is stable. It has all the functions I need. I don’t want to miss Firetask in my daily work any more."

Gerd, CEO


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KanbanAlways Staying in Control

Get into the driver's seat and always work on getting your Inbox to zero by deciding what is actionable and what is not.

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ProjectsBringing Order into Chaos

Turn chaos into order by putting your tasks into context, breaking them down if needed and neatly organizing them in projects and portfolios.

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"Like many people, I’ve used numerous task managers before discovering Firetask. Yours is hands-down the best out there as it gives control over the data in a three-dimensional way others fail to do."

Lee, IT Professional


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DatesKeeping Your System Up-to-Date

Weekly reviews ensure that your system stays up-to-date empowering you to achieve more by making informed decisions and focusing on the right things.

Boost Your Productivity

Get organized now. Firetask is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch from the iOS & Mac App Store.

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TodayAchieving More By Improving Focus

Having a clear picture on what is important here and now allows you to achieve more by helping you both focus faster and to stay in the "zone".

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