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Kanban GTD® Task Manager

Firetask empowers busy people to get things done Kanban-style. From capturing your thoughts and managing your personal to-dos to organizing and focusing on your most important tasks, Firetask uniquely combines Kanban & GTD.

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Collect, Focus and Manage

InboxCollect & Delegate Efficiently

Entering a number of tasks in Firetask is as simple and fast as writing a few lines of text. There is no need to take your hands from the keyboard. Assign projects, categories, priorities, due dates and even delegate tasks via “tagging” using the # and @ characters, or use the Touch Bar on supported MacBooks.

TodayStay Focused & In Control

Firetask’s “Today” view shows all tasks that are in focus, due, scheduled for today, or already in progress in a single, clear overview. "Upcoming" provides access to upcoming due and scheduled tasks, as well as next tasks per project. "Waiting For" summarizes all your delegated tasks nicely grouped by assignee.

ProjectsOrganize by Project & Category

Firetask is project-oriented meaning that tasks can be part of a project, but do not have to be. You can also use categories to optionally provide additional context. This helps you to break down your unnumbered tasks into manageable units and it helps us to provide you with a more focused view across all your commitments.

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Review & Organize


Use the Kanban view to get a rich, visual overviews of all your current responsibilities and commitments and speed up your weekly GTD® review by using drag & drop on five Kanban boards optimized for your personal task management.


Like to work with priorities? Use the Kanban view-type "Priorities" to clearly review and organize your actionable tasks by priority. And if you don't? The default priority is not visualized, so it does not get in your way.


View and manage all your tasks that are due on or scheduled for a certain date, in a familiar, calendar-like view. Even set time-based reminders… ideal for tasks that have to be completed at a specific time. Now even with an optional integration with calendar events.

Key Features