Does Firetask support syncing to a desktop or Web application?

Yes, starting with Firetask 3.1, you can sync your Firetask repository with our desktop version Firetask for Mac.

How do I sync Firetask with the new Mac version?

Make sure that the Mac version is running and reachable from your current local WiFi network. Change to the "More" tab of Firetask on your iPhone and press the sync button that is located in the upper-right corner.

Will there be cloud syncing between Firetask iPhone and Mac in the future?

Yes, we have decided to provide cloud-based syncing in addition to WiFi syncing in the future. Stay tuned for more information...

Is Firetask compatible with iOS 4 and the iPhone 4?

Yes, Firetask 3.0 is optimized for iOS 4 and includes a complete set of high-resolution images. It supports multitasking/fast app switching and looks even better than ever before on the iPhone 4's new retina display.

Why does my newly entered task not appear on "Today"?

Your task will only appear on today when it really becomes relevant to you. A task becomes relevant when it is either due today or within the next five days, if it is the first actionable task for you in a project, or if the task in question is marked as flagged.

What is "Waiting for" all about?

The "Waiting for" category is a concept we borrowed from David Allen's "Getting Things Done® - GTD®" way of managing tasks. Basically, you use this category to keep track of tasks you are not doing yourself, but delegating to other people.

What is the "In-Basket" or "In-Tray" for?

The "In-Tray" is a concept for storing your thoughts and ideas, things you do not yet know what to do about. As soon as you have decided what to do with them you can, e.g., make them "Actionable" or you delay them to "Someday" - simply by changing their status.

How do I change the settings for Firetask on the iPhone or iPod touch?

Start Apple's built-in "Settings" app and scroll down until you find the "Firetask" settings entry.

Does the iTunes synchronization backup my Firetask data?

Yes, the iTunes synchronization backs up all data of your apps including Firetask's.

Is there a way to backup my data beside the iTunes backup?

Yes, you can backup your data to our desktop version Firetask for Mac via syncing.